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Duration:7:51 Min
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Channel:Kpop Corn
Uploaded At:2018-03-09 16:00:07
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KPOP MV: CHEAPEST VS MOST EXPENSIVE App that's pays you to walk (not available in all countries).... Does prize have an effect on a kpop idols success? In this video we look at the most expensive and most cheapest (estimated) Kpop music video. Some companies go all out to have the best MV while others play it safe and focus on getting a MV out in general. Most videos seem expensive due to the designer clothes and fancy cars but you also have to consider then amount of advertisement that occur in MV... here’s a video on that Kpop MV That Feature Product Playment Lastly just because a video is low quality and done under a low budget doesn’t mean the music is not worth listening to Video Disclaimer: This video will show low-budget MVs and the most expensive MVs ever reported. I’ve chosen the low budget videos that show different styles and variety so there may be cheaper videos out there that I have not included. Videos with designer clothes and fancy cars does not mean it’s an expensive MV due to product placements by advertisers. ➡️Check out the kpop song playlist: Kpop songs 2018 10 minutes of kpop Kpop vs Kpop vocal talent ➡️➡️Check out some more video like this : Kpop MV That Feature Product Playment Kpop Idols Speaking More Than 3 Languages Kpop Groups: Most Flexible VS Least flexible When Kpop Boy Groups Perform Girl Group Songs A-Z KPOP Kpop Idols Crying While Performing On Stage Kpop intro and outro song: TTS - twinkle Kpop cheapest MV: 1. GP Basic - 'Edge' 2. K-Boys - K-Boys 3. A-PRINCE - Yes or No 4. Anda - Taxi 5. AA - Comeback 6. DELIGHT - MEGA YAK 7. JYJ - Ayy Girl 8. TVXQ - Drive 9. Hello Venus - Wiggle Wiggle 10. TTS -OMG Kpop expensive MV: 1. S.E.S - LOVE ($1,00,000) 2. T-ara - Cry Cry/Lovey Dovey ($1,00,000) 3. B.A.P - One Shot ($915,000) 4. Gangkiz - Honey Honey ($900,000) 5. Infinite - Destiny ($890,000) 6. Speed - Sad Promise ($706,000) 7. 2NE1 - Come Back Home ($500,000) 8. MAMAMOO - Decalcomanie ($300,000) 9. Ailee - Home ($250,000 - $300,000) 10. AOA - Like A Cat ($250,000) I DO NOT own any photo/video & audio in this video No Copyright Infringement Intended. Entertainment Purposes Only.
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