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Leia - Piano ver. (English Cover) 【JoyDreamer】

Title:Leia - Piano ver. (English Cover) 【JoyDreamer】
Duration:4:20 Min
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Uploaded At:2014-06-21 21:32:48
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Eyyy~ I'm probably gonna regret uploading this. :,D Haha~ I just felt bored today and I completely spontaneously decided I wanted to give this song a shot. This is the outcome. :,3 I actually had a hard time figuring out how to write the translyrics because there seem to be a lot of different translations, so I used a couple of different subs to get write my own. Other than that. This cover seems very plain in my eyes. (O-o) I usually have a lot more harmonies and stuff to add, but maybe it's just because the song itself isn't really in need of it. I donno. I'm kinda confused. xD But yeah. I'll hopefully have something better for you guys next time. :3 Have a nice weekend~ MP3:【JoyDreamer】.MP3 *hugs* - JoyDreamer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lyrics~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Let me hear the voice that you are freeing And erase this sinking heart I'm fleeing I will paint the canvas, now it's bleeding Of the lies I am receiving Again~ Feeling that I have reached this place Never-ending deluding space "I don't know what to name it by" Warmth and cold doesn't change as I Right before all the laughter eats All my guts and my pulsing beats I am locking myself away In this realm the future ahead me is grey If it's what you desire, a tale of lonely lies If it is what you wish for, then tell me why? Wanting to embed the love inside me Now it's overflowing from my heartbeat Ecstasy is layering existence With your voice that's taking distance If the shapes that I can see appearing Slowly start to break as I am fearing I don't need these eyes that just embrace me I don't need the lies I see Leia~ Never-ending illusions laugh Laughing sadly is bliss in half "I don't know what to name it by" All your words they echo in grey as they fly This eternity softly just stopped to breathe the air Then you turned and you left me here in this dark despair If the sound of time will cease its beating I know it's the end the world is meeting I just hope the words we are convening Have a sound and yet no meaning Can't you just for me just smile a little? Can't you just for me just pray a little? But if you can't hear my very last plea Won't you please just come and kill me? Let me hear the voice that you are freeing And erase this sinking heart I'm fleeing I will kill the canvas, 'cause it's bleeding From the lies you were misleading If there is no way the proof is sighted Showing evidence we were united I just want the heat to hear my last plea It is burning, killing me Leia~Leia~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Song: Leia by Megurine Luka Composer: Yuyoyuppe Piano Arrage by: キョーヘイ Translyrics & Vocals: JoyDreamer JoyDreamer - Debut Album - Towards Eternity: Donate to me:
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